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Five years ago, one of our physician advisors was offered the opportunity to be included in a „Leading Medicine Guide“ by an agency. The promise: He would be known as an expert among experts, and his business would explode. The fee was about $10,000, and he received a beautifully framed and decorated certificate for his practice wall. In fact, he was added to an online registry, along with thousands of others. A total scam!

This experience was the starting point for the development of „The Real Thing.“ Medicine is about the most valuable commodity in life: Health! In order to prevent or cure a disease, one must learn about the best and most proven methods. Since nowadays anyone can claim to be or do „the best“ simply by putting words on a website, we now fight back!

We have created nothing less than the first objective rating system for true medical quality. It uses natural and artificial intelligence instead of opinion, bias, or purchased advertising. So people can be sure they can follow a recommendation with a clear conscience.

And because most of our consultants suggested it, we started with a neglected, small segment of medicine: PHLEBOLOGY.

Would you mind to increase your profit not just by better advertisements, but by better medical quality?

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Are you visiting these pages because you or someone in your family is affected by vein disease? Are you interested in the best therapies? You've come to the right place. There is so much good news for you: conditions like varicose veins are preventable! Do you already have varicose veins, or even have had vein surgery? No problem. In any case, there is a painless perfect solution without surgery! All ugly veins will simply disappear. You can protect yourself and your whole family from developing venous insufficiency, leg swelling, pain, skin damage and the dangers of thrombosis! Please use the contact form to ask us your questions!

  • Unique cause-related strategy
  • Newest micro techniques
  • No surgery
  • No compression stockings
  • Treatment time about 30 minutes
  • No general anesthesia
  • Painless, comfortable techniques
  • Excellent tolerability
  • No cuts, no bruises, no scars
  • No hospital stay
  • Immediately fit for work and social life
  • You can do sports and take a shower
  • Sustainable medical and esthetic result
  • Detailed medical consultation
  • Permanent consultation hotline

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The Venartis®Group is the world's leading force for innovation in venous medicine. Our teams are constantly working on improvements that every patient can feel. There is so much more Venartis® knowledge than we can present here - for patients, companies, scientists, and investors.
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